“I’ll never meet you again, so I might as well tell you this …”

            When all is well in my world, I am lucky enough to escape to write. My pre-requisite is always for a safe and peaceful retreat. This year it was safe, but far from quiet. There was everyday ‘people noise’ and ‘street noise’ – and then there was the noise that happened after the sun went down.

            A man from far away became my neighbour. In daylight, I pecked at my manuscript while he fished and snorkeled. In the evening, he sat quietly perched on a stool nearby, undistracted by books or screens. Our cordial greetings progressed to chit-chat about weather, sunsets and what made our worlds go round. On the third day, well beyond the niceties, he leaned against the balcony railing and said, “Well, I’m never going to meet you again, so I might as well tell you this …”

            Every night thereafter, he shared a tiny morsel of his life, and to a writer, these revelations were like gold. With his consent, I began blending them into my current novel. This kind man handed me something unexpected, a precious slice of his life, and this is how the character “Montana” was born in Follow Polly’s Lane (working title).

Stay tuned for how “Well, I’m never going to meet you again …” became a research question for my next novel – but I need to finish writing this one first!

 With good wishes,



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