Cyberspace and Book Signings: Yvonne Van Lankveld

Even though I was born decades before the internet, I quickly embraced its benefit. But when the world of social media exploded, as a nurse I saw people struggle because they weren’t “liked” and “friended” and “followed” enough. In December of 2021, I said goodbye to nursing and hello to the business end of being an author. The amazing Ben from Tellwell gave me lessons on posting and blogging – great things to promote author exposure. Heather, a social media wizard, nudged me forward, and Carly boosted my confidence, yet I still wonder how the “world” will judge what I post. My novels, just like my characters, are similar to the glowing screen of social media in that they leave us with nowhere to hide. While I appreciate that it’s a such a valuable commodity, like medication, it has negative side effects.

There is great power in books, but there is greater power in cyberspace. Unfortunately, Indigo was recently cyber attacked, and while things are slowly edging back to normal, author events like my April 1st book signing are postponed until their systems are restored. In the interim, stay tuned while I write, and navigate this “posting” and “blogging” adventure. Take care!




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