“Becoming a writer was always a lofty goal, and as a means to achieve that, I became a nurse. For most of my career I specialized in occupational health, then in the field of mental health. Those last years were the hardest, especially during the pandemic, but by far my most rewarding. The Park Street Secrets is dedicated to the people whom I have had the honour of caring for. They defined adversity and gratitude in such unique and distinct ways. While none are represented in my novels, they planted the seeds for some characters, usually long after they were gone.

Being an author forces me to capture the ideas swirling in my head and write them down, regardless of where I am and what I’m doing. As an example, I walked many times along the misty Niagara Falls in the picture you see above and made notes about Marcello, a key character in The Park Street Secrets. He faced a significant decision here, but you’ll have to read the story to find out more.

Gracie Sheehan is the lead character in my first novel, The Road to Alright, and you can follow her into The Park Street Secrets. Although each novel stands alone in its narrative, you may find it more interesting to read The Road to Alright first. 

I work hard to portray my characters as real people, full of faults and feelings. They get into trouble, often involving others, then try to make amends. Most of them move on, but few rarely stay the same.

The Park Street Secrets by YVONNE LANKVELD AUTHOR

About The Books


The Road to Alright

Gracie Sheehan’s mundane mid-life existence implodes when she unexpectedly loses her husband Blair and her job within an eight-week span. To further complicate matters, Blair’s indiscretion creates a substantial financial burden for Gracie and her daughter Tess.

Livy Bless, divorced and living life through an adventurous career, offers to share her family’s estate home with Gracie until she settles herself and her financial affairs. A series of surprising events nudge Gracie towards new and unprepared roles, which include lover, dog-sitter, and that of a reluctant respite caregiver to Livy’s distant uncle, a crotchety recluse with his own history.

The Park Street Secrets by YVONNE LANKVELD AUTHOR


The Park Street Secrets

A vacated, historic government office which served as a post office, customs house, and finally a police station in Niagara Falls, Ontario is redeveloped into seven condominiums. Some new occupants have ties to its cultural heritage, while others bring secrets to keep there.